Monday, April 28, 2008

Paper Trail

Ok, I'm working on improving the up/down localization for my "ears". Thanks to the help of Rich at, I'm focusing on the Pinna Effect (that's the reflection of sound off of your outer ear). It makes sense that sounds coming from above would reflect off the inner bottom cup of your ear and invert phase. The problem I have is that my "ears" are made of soft silicon rubber. I imagine they absorb too much of that needed directional information.

While I wait for some harder material to make new ears, I decided to test the localization ability at a close proximity. I moved closer into the head with a softer sound (paper wavering). This is the best way to accentuate the shadow of the head and ears. It seems to provide much better localization, especially around the back. That is pretty much what I expected, but I'm still hoping for better distance detail. All in good time I guess... Anyway, check it out:

paper trail.mp3



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