Friday, March 5, 2010

Ghost Binaural Audio Demo

Headphones are REQUIRED! HD also recommended for best sound, so you may need to go to YouTube directly.

Ghost Binaural Audio is a real-time 3D audio SDK for video games and virtual reality applications. For developers, it's extremely easy to integrate into your source code. Simply point to your mono source audio files, update each with 3D positional vectors every frame and you're good to go. Optional control parameters also give you detailed control over things like air absorption, volume, pitch, looping etc...

Ghost Binaural Audio runs with a high level of efficiency, allowing you to have 5, 10, or even up to 20+ simultaneous audio files playing at the same time with realistic positional sound (depending on your hardware).

Be warned, Ghost will completely change the way you design audio for games. But you will never go back to the boring, flat audio you've used before. There's just no comparison, period. Take your games to the next level of audio immersion and realism!

The Ghost Binaural Audio SDK will be available shortly. Stay tuned or contact us for more details.