Friday, June 22, 2012

New Binaural Dummy Head Design

Hey there to my half dozen subscribers! I have been asked several times if I'd be willing to sell a fully assembled dummy head, and I've always said no. Mainly because of the time involved, but also because my construction skills are not great. However, I recently found a new dummy head that allows for a much easier assembly, and I decided that I'd start offering a fully assembled dummy head. Here is a picture of my first one, for a customer in the UK:

This dummy head's ears are bigger than my standard ear molds, so I had to make custom ears with a larger base on them. However, this dummy head is wider than the one in my tutorial, and I feel that the spacing between the ears works much better for binaural audio. I intend to update my tutorial soon, and to add this dummy head assembly as an option on

However, if anyone is interested in getting this head fully assembled using the Core-Sound binaural mics (great quality mics), just send me an email, and I can work with you to get one on order. I'll send you an invoice through PayPal. For now I'm charging $500 plus shipping for this fully assembled head, including the high quality mics. That may go up in the future, depending on how things go.

The coolest part is that this head is ready to record binaural audio goodness, straight out of the box!



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nothing to see, Hear

This is a collection of random demonstrations of vivid binaural audio situations. Make the video full screen, and close your eyes. Headphones required, as always...