Monday, August 20, 2012

Current Silicone Binaural Ears being discontinued!!

This is just a notice to anyone contemplating buying my silicone binaural ears to build a dummy head. I am discontinuing the current version of the ears on September 17th 2012. I have digitally scanned, enhanced, and perfected a new version of the ears in anticipation of a new binaural microphone product I am about to release. The new ears have a larger base and require more silicone and tender loving care to produce. Therefore, the price of the new ears will go up significantly from the current version ($99).

So if you want to get the same handmade (=valuable) ears that I've used in all my recordings (=amazing) up to date, and at a great deal (=value), head over to, and get some ordered before 9/17/2012 (=thrifty).

Happy binauraling,



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