Friday, September 28, 2012

Ears On A Stick - 001

Here is the first of my "Ears On a Stick" series. This is basically a series of binaural videos of everyday situations and environments done with the new Free Space - 3D Microphone. The idea is to keep it short and simple so that each video is only a one day project.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Introducing: The Free Space - 3D (binaural) Audio Microphone

Hey binaural folks, I've just started offering a sweet new portable binaural microphone. It's called the Free Space - 3D Audio Microphone, by my new company 3Dio.

I designed it specifically to be used with the GoPro mounted on top, with a grip handle for carrying it around. The GoPro is an amazing little camera, and it records stereo in from the external mic!

I also designed the Free Space to be mounted to any standard camera hot-shoe. Note that the grip handle comes with a cold shoe already attached, for quickly changing from one mount to the other... Oh yes I did! Check it out: