Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beck - Fully interactive!

Here it is!


Grab your best headphones and try to watch the HD version of the experience. Try the outer camera/binaural head at the beginning of the last musical climax when you pass by the Dap Kings. It's phenomenal! You can get a close look at the binaural heads with the 3Dio Free Space ears as well. They look and sound great!

It was amazing to be a part of this historic 3D experience.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3Dio's Free Space Ears Capture Beck Live with 167 other musicians

I recently had the pleasure of working on the 8-eared binaural head used by Chris Milk and Beck for the Lincoln "Hello Again" ad campaign. I was contacted to help with the technical details of recording binaural, including which ears and microphones to use. We ended up using the Free Space ear pinnae, with the exact physical dimensions of the Free Space 3D Microphone. Legacy Effects did an incredible job building this binaural head and getting the ears exactly correct! The microphones were the DPA4061 mics, which makes this binaural head essentially a set of 4 Free Space Pro microphones (coming soon). What you hear from the binaural heads in this concert is exactly what you should expect to hear through a Free Space Pro in that environment. The original Free Space would sound very similar to this, since the only difference is in the capsules (i.e. the ears and physical dimensions are the same).

The video here is a preview of the performance (and uses a stereo/pseudo-binaural mix). This is not the real immersive binaural recording of the show. You will have to visit the 360 degree interactive experience (www.hello-again.com) to get that. But I can tell you that it sounds outstanding!! You can see the 360 degree cameras and binaural heads in this video. There are three binaural heads/cameras that you get to choose to listen through from different locations in the room. You can rotate your camera view in all 360 degrees, and the binaural audio follows your orientation (around the z-axis).

More details coming when the interactive experience goes live!